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My new comic book adventure 'Kat-Venture and the Terror of Xibalba' is now available to purchase online via!…
Kat-Venture and the Terror of Xibalba by FreyFox
Kat-Venture and the Terror of Xibalba
After several months of labour intensive work, my new comic book is finally here! Over 50 pages of monochrome comic book adventure ^^. It was fun making a graphic novel themed adventure story with new characters, and I hope you'll learn to love them as much as you did with the cast of Transmission :) It was co-written by myself and a friend I met at university who sometimes helps me write stories in Transmission.

The story revolves around a meerkat called Magnus (Mag for short) who escapes from Edinburgh Zoo to chase a dream of achieving fame and fortune by finding El Dorado. He is accompanied by a French Candian rat named Bastien who is also after the prize. They have to contend with environmental hazards in the jungles of Southern Mexico, and the pitfalls of an ancient Mayan temple.

The book is currently exclusively available from, but I'm working on getting it available to purchase on Amazon in the near future too. Given that it's also a month to go till Christmas, it might make a good gift or stocking filler ^^.

In the meantime, to buy it from, please visit…
Transmission Evo 3: Crazy Welcomes Careful Drivers by FreyFox
Transmission Evo 3: Crazy Welcomes Careful Drivers
You wanted it, and now it's here! :) The third Transmission paperback compilation, featuring 121 strips from the past year - including Zombie Korma's Zombie Invasion tour of America, Reg's brief fling with Howard, the twins' rescuing of Jason, Reg and Randall's camping trip in the Cascades. It also includes more fanart and a few other extras :)

You can purchase the book here!…

PS: For those wondering about Kat-Venture, that is not far behind either, but we're just ironing out a few creases before we publish it :)
Hello, My Pretty by FreyFox
Hello, My Pretty
This is Magnus, or Mag for short. He is a meerkat who is the main protagonist of my upcoming comic book 'Kat-Venture and the Terror of Xibalba'.

It is almost done, just working on some finishing touches ^^. I will post a couple of pages from the book when I get to releasing it ;)


FreyFox's Profile Picture
Mark Alexander Smith
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a freelance cartoonist, comic artist, animator and musician from the UK. A lot of my cartoons are influenced by British and American shows I used to enjoy in the 1990s and I like getting to meet new people here and enjoy whatever arty things they put up here!

I am OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. If you are interested please send me a PM!

My webcomic 'Transmission' can be viewed at…
I tend to update it on Fridays and sometimes Monday as well.
In the latest comic of Transmission it depicts Randall and Reggie going mad from starvation, and it ultimately ends up with them devouring a pig who was going to exploit them on Youtube. There has since been a bit of a backlash judging by some of the comments on this particular strip.

Transmission is primarily a light hearted comedy, though it has had it's moments of drama (the Kidnapped and Jason stories) as well as satirical black comedy (Zombie Invasion, or anything else featuring Trevor really). Transmission has had it's dark moments before, but to be honest I must concede that this one definitely appears to have crossed the line as it has shocked quite a few people. Never mind the fact that it takes a few weeks for each story arc to play out, I feel that I must set the records straight right here and now.

I think it is less to do with the fact that the character Randall is a psychopath who isn't above predation, and perhaps more to do with the fact that Reggie appeared to have aided and abetted him. Truth be told, even I felt the strip was getting too dark, so I actually altered some of the upcoming strips to soften things up a bit and mitigate the happenings of this one. This is not the first time a character has been killed in the series - Jason's uncle was killed off in a strip earlier this year, but then we don't see the body afterwards which left a lot of people guessing. Wheras here it is far more obvious, not to mention that people KNEW Jason's uncle was a nasty piece of work.

In the strips that led up to #331, Reggie is beginning to go slightly mad under starvation and dehydration out in the wilderness. The pig who buys it was going to exploit him and Randall online following their humiliating fracas, thus at the time it might have seemed justified that they did what they then did. TV Tropes would label this guy an 'asshole victim' that nobody is likely to miss. I can reveal that later in the story arc once they get back to civilisation, Reggie begins to feel increasingly guilty about what him and Randall did and ultimately begins to find Randall uncomfortable to be around.

I hope that will clear things up a bit. I will not be able to convince everyone, but I feel that it is the most reasonable thing I can do at this time.

Thanks for reading, either way. It means a lot to me ^^.
Cheers guys.

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